Extension Hair Care

Extension Hair Care

It starts with your SCALP 

First, you have to take care of your scalp.

Do not shampoo for 24-48 hrs after your hair extension installation. Tape-in hair extensions will need time for the adhesive bond to stick (do not get bond wet). Beaded weft sew in hair extensions will need time for your scalp to adjust to the weight of the new hair.

HOT TIP: Brush hair before shampooing to keep hair from matting.

After 24-48 hrs, shampoo your hair.

Exfoliate your scalp. Yes, that's correct. Exfoliate your scalp. It's important to exfoliate your scalp to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil this allows a foundation for a healthy hair to grow.

How to manage hair extensions?

Air dry your hair as much as possible.

Apply a heat protectant and leave-in conditioner on your hair and hair extensions. As far as a leave-in conditioner, the hair extensions will need moisture. 

Use low heat especially near the bonds.

Dry in a downward motion to keep the cuticle smooth.

HOT TIP: Re blow-dry your next day hair without getting it wet. A

Enjoy your new hair extensions and protect your investment. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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